Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Winter trees

Another canal-side painting 

Dark, cold, skies and stark silhouettes of trees looming over the towpath

mixed media on watercolour board  305 x 254 mm

Monday, 14 February 2022

Canal again

Two more from the same walk

Ghostly hands, or is it the reflection of pollarded willows in the cold water?  Mixed media on watercolour board 356 x 254m

Canalside trees and a winter sky. mixed media on watercolour board 305 x 254 mm

For images of a more colourful  and abstract nature, later in the year, see the post before last 


Sunday, 13 February 2022

Fruits of lockdown.

 I know we are not technically still in lockdown, but I feel it has been almost two years of living like a hermit. At times I have painted and drawn a lot and then the paralysis sets in. I am in that state now. So I thought I should show you some of what I have been doing., in the hope of spurring me on!  I live next to the Bridgwater/-Taunton canal and walk there most days.

This quick sketch, from the towpath, is a bleak day in January a year ago.  Acrylic on watercolour board  305mm x 254 mm. It feels lonely and cold and I was!

Monday, 4 January 2021

The Sky shines in the canal. painted October 2020

Covid has had varying effects on me. Lutje and I have been in different countries since March. I t is not easy. I try to keep to the house being especially vulnerable, partly from my age but mostly from medical conditions. Also since I had to give up my car 13 months ago I cannot stray far!

I have tried to do lots of painting but it doesn't always work. But sometimes I have a burst. In particular, the canal next to the house and Victoria Park have been my inspiration.  I am doing many more, landscape-inspired abstract paintings

I want to show you these to get me painting and posting again  All three, 120 x  175 mm are mixed media mostly acrylic and coloured pencil on mountboard and were painted the same day in October. The sky reflected in the water and the dying vegetation.

 Over the next few days, I will try to post a selection of the many drawings, painting and photographs I have made over recent months as well as any new works I may create.

Saturday, 6 October 2018


For personal reasons, I have dried up.  Ill health and an accident didn't help but it is almost a year since I last posted.  I want to paint but, like my music, my piano and organ playing, I just seize up.  I don't want to dwell on this and am hoping that starting my blogs again will motivate me.

I have just made two posts to my small paintings blog.  Why not have look here and here?

Here is one of the little drawings

Sunday, 5 November 2017


On Saturday I walked to the park.  It is sunny but colder and autumn is setting in

I sat on a bench and watched the wind taking the leaves. Many have fallen already, these are safe for a day or two if tonight's frost doesn't do its job.

Later, as I was taking a photo, within the wood, next to the pond, this little leaf spiralled down into my hand and snuggled against the camera.  I brought him home.

I made this little painting when I got home

"Autumn leaves, falling"  acrylic and collage on paper  15 x 12 cm

Thursday, 19 October 2017



This is what you find for the first posting.  I hope you like it enough to subscribe when you see it!

Day One

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a long period with no painting, a sort of painters block, I came across an idea from an  American painter's blog.  Carol Marine's Painting a Day .  For around ten years she has painted a small picture every day. It did not have to be perfect and, because it took a short time, there was no feeling of failure if it didn't work - there is always the waste bin!  She found the lack of pressure helped her to revitalise her work.  Read her blog.
I thought I would try it too and so here I am, nervously proffering my first born.  The first few will be  abstract, but I shall also do other things.

 #1a. 15cm x 15cm acrylic on paper

I am quite pleased with this; what do you think? It took about 15 minutes, I did several others but think this is the best. I may post one of the others.