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Friday, 22 February 2013

little time to paint

After our return to the UK there has not been much painting. Lots and lots of music to play and arrange and, although I love it, I was longing to get back to painting.

But last weekend was taken up with getting things ready for a joint show  with Artists 303, a well known west of England group, at Ilminster Arts Centre 

Here is one of my paintings there - much looser than my architectural work usually is.  Last summer I had been doing some big, detailed, ink and watercolour drawings of  Wells Cathedral  but moved onto some looser oil pictures and then this, acrylic on cardboard (I can't measure it as it is not here, but about 60 cm wide ) - I like it but what do you think?  I call it Dreams of Wells

Friday, 8 February 2013

tablets for travel sickness?

Recovering from yesterday's travelling; 12 hours "on the road", Brussels to Bridgwater, UK. 
 Eurostar is fast and comfortable but there is a lot of waiting.  I sat in St Pancras station finishing lunch whilst better half went shopping .   It gave me time to do a little more Nexus tablet drawing.  It is smaller than an iPad and discreet.  This man in Pret a Manger had no idea I was drawing him

for Lutje's thoughts on the day ,(and some lovely photos) see this