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Saturday, 18 January 2014


Last Monday was a big birthday for me and my lovely Lutje arranged a weekend of treats and delights, including surprise visits from family and friends and a superb party last weekend. I may write more about it all later.

Today I want to talk about birthday cards. I was given  hand made cards by the grandchildren and also the delightful Flemish/Greek children of our neighbours.

I want to show you one by Lars, the youngest, comparing it to a painting from the Royal Museum of Fine Art here in Brussels. which we visited the day after my birthday.

A portrait of Opa  by Lars Van Bavel b 2009.  (with St Nicholas' mitre top right?)  I am pleased with his portrayal of an open armed smiling man.

Vragende kinderen  1948  by the Dutch painter, and co founder of the COBRA group, Karel Appel  1921 - 2006

Both of them wonderful I think. Why do children have to lose this spontaneity and looseness as they get older?

Time to do some painting of my own now?  It has been sadly lacking for a few weeks.

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