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Thursday, 19 October 2017


This is what you find for the first posting.  I hope you like it enough to subscribe when you see it!

Day One

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a long period with no painting, a sort of painters block, I came across an idea from an  American painter's blog.  Carol Marine's Painting a Day .  For around ten years she has painted a small picture every day. It did not have to be perfect and, because it took a short time, there was no feeling of failure if it didn't work - there is always the waste bin!  She found the lack of pressure helped her to revitalise her work.  Read her blog.
I thought I would try it too and so here I am, nervously proffering my first born.  The first few will be  abstract, but I shall also do other things.

 #1a. 15cm x 15cm acrylic on paper

I am quite pleased with this; what do you think? It took about 15 minutes, I did several others but think this is the best. I may post one of the others.

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